KUMA-LABO Official Site

It is the official website of KUMAMOTO-PLAY-LABO (Kuma LABO), a non-profit organization (NPO).


This site introduces Kuma LABO, applications for "experience sightseeing" and "events" provided by Kuma LABO, and introduces active members and supporting members who support Kuma LABO's activities. We are.

Purpose of activity

"Nonprofit Organization "KUMAMOTO-PLAY-LABO" works with the aim of revitalizing the local tourism industry, including the development of natural contact-type tourism resources utilizing local characteristics and attracting customers.

In addition to tourism promotion, we will also focus on the healthy development of children who will lead the future of the region, and build a strong network while strengthening cooperation with the region and other organizations, and cooperate in regional and economic development and job creation. We will also work to contribute to

Main activities

About sightseeing promotion

For travelers coming from inside and outside the prefecture, we will introduce and introduce experiences and tours.

About healthy upbringing of child

We will carry out such an event that children can truly enjoy and grow with a smile.

About cooperation with area

In cooperation with local communities and other organizations, we will strive for economic development and job creation that are essential for regional development.

About sightseeing that you can experience

We propose a number of sightseeing tours that you can experience in the middle of Kyushu, "Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto", carefully selected and provided by NPO corporation Kumamoto play LABO.


There are plenty of experiences such as playing with straws and mini tatami mats made of Yatsushiro's special rush, such as playing in the river and camping in the Kuma River.

Sightseeing tour list

Inquiry form for tourists

For foreign tourists, please use the inquiry form below.

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